Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ultraviolet Waves ( Mathias, Brendon, Jin Qian, Bevan )

Ultraviolet waves

Usage: optical sensors, disinfection, forensic analysis, drug detection, medical image of cells.

Usage: Detecting Counterfeit Money

UV counterfeit detectors feature a light that makes anti-counterfeiting measures in a bill light up and appear yellowish-green. Machines with MG detectors detect magnetic ink that is in the currency. When a bill is slid over the detector, the machine will let you know if it is authentic or fake. Some detectors even include a built-in light that makes it easier to see printed watermarks.

Beneficial: One of the beneficial uses of UV light are that it can be used to kill bacteria and other microbes. It is commonly used to purify water for instance or clean things. UV waves have other applications in life, such as black lights. Also many compounds fluoresce (they emit light) when exposed to UV light. Forensic scientist uses UV light to look for blood or body fluids. Finally exposure to some UV light causes the body to make Vitamin D, an important nutrient for the body. Although UV light is important, too much will cause sunburns and possibly cancer.

Unique features of Singapore currency to prevent Forgery:

Portrait Watermark

A three-dimensional multi-tone portrait watermark of the late Mr Yusof bin Ishak can be seen when viewed against transmitted light. The watermark has a three-dimensional appearance with areas in varying tones of dark and light.

Highlight Watermark

This monotone watermark is located below the Portrait watermark on the front of the note. It corresponds with the Braille pattern at the top right-hand corner of each denomination. The primary characteristic of the Highlight Watermark is that its extra thin area makes it appear clear and distinct when the note is held against light.

Dangerous: Sunburn, Skin cancer Skin diseases


wavelength shorter than visible light, longer than x - rays

Violet in colour






Done by Matthias lee, Yu Jin Qian, Brendon Goh, Bevan koo

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